Indiana Motorcycle Accidents Kill Five People Over Five Days

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The Independence Day weekend in Indiana was a frightening reminder of the safety concerns that everybody needs to keep in mind with the increased presence of motorcycles in the Hoosier State this summer. The Journal Gazette reported that 55-year-old William Dunn was killed in a collision on Indiana State Road 930 in Allen County on July 5 when his eastbound motorcycle struck a westbound car that was turning left into a restaurant parking lot. Dunn was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, and the driver of the car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries although her name was not released.

This type of motorcycle accident is far too common on roads across America, as too many motorists fail to gauge the speeds of oncoming motorcycles. When passenger vehicles make turns in these circumstances, the motorcyclist does not have enough time to stop or avoid the collision. Tragically, the Journal Gazette reported that Dunn died from blunt-force injuries despite the fact that he was wearing a helmet. Drivers and passengers failed to take that necessary precaution in several other Indiana accidents that weekend.

The News-Sentinel reported that a 21-year-old Auburn man died from head injuries he sustained after losing control of his westbound motorcycle on Indiana State Road 327 and being thrown into a tree on July 4. The following night, two teenagers were killed when the motorcycle they were riding crashed in the parking lot of Crete-Monee High School, according to WLS-TV. WHAS-TV reported that a 44-year-old man died of severe head trauma after his motorcycle left the roadway in Floyd County and he collided with a guardrail and struck two utility poles. The one thing that all three of these accidents had in common is that none of the four people killed were wearing helmets.

We implore all motorcyclists and their passengers to wear properly fitted helmets to reduce the chances of traumatic brain injuries, but it is also important for all other motorists to be aware of the presence of individuals on motorcycles. With or without helmets, people on motorcycles are far more susceptible to catastrophic injuries than individuals in traditional passenger vehicles. If you sustained serious injuries or your loved one was killed in a motorcycle crash caused by another driver’s negligence, fill out the contact form on our website to let our Indianapolis injury attorneys review your case or contact our firm at (800)-269-3443 to set up a free consultation.

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Doehrman’s Did You Know?: According to the Journal Gazette, there have been 15 traffic fatalities in Allen County this year. In 2012, 37 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the county.

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