Stay Out of Blind Spots to Avoid Fatal Right-Turn Accidents

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iStock_000014600895XSmall.jpgOn Wednesday, our blog discussed how riding in the car lane (if there is no designated bike lane) with the flow of traffic is the safest place to be for cyclists. Cyclists must ride with the flow of traffic, but also be aware of the potential danger of right turning cars where the cyclist is in the driver’s blind spot.

Most prudent drivers check their blind spots when changing lanes, but not as much when making a right turn at an intersection. Imagine this scenario: a car is stopped at a red light and a cyclist comes up from behind and stops in the driver’s blind spot. The light turns green, the cyclist proceeds to cross the intersection and the car turns right, unaware of the cyclist who came up from behind. This can be a fatal bicycle accident, as the car could easily run right over the cyclist.

Cyclists can minimize this danger by not sitting at an intersection in a car’s blind spot. If you are approaching a car waiting at the light, never assume a car without its turn signal flashing is going straight. Many drivers fail to use their turn signals, especially for right-handed turns. Cyclists should stop at the intersection behind the car, and only cross the intersection once it is clear that the car is going straight. Also, never pass a slow moving car on the right. It is as true for cyclists as it is for other cars.

Finally, a good tip for cyclists is to try to find alternate routes than the usual heavy traffic streets. Google has a special feature that maps out the best routes for bicycles. This feature utilizes lesser-known side streets and residential neighborhoods, and is a wonderful tool for cyclists.

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